Heidi Kärkkäinen

Suosikki 6/1983

1983-06 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Suosikki
Publisher Lehtimiehet Oy
Editor in Chief Jyrki Hämäläinen
Sub-Editor Pia Bursell
Sub-Editor Elina Orma
Sub-Editor Päivi Väänänen
Editor Heidi Kärkkäinen
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Aulis Kalteva
Photography Fred Ohert
Contributor Andy Gray
Contributor Ilpo Musto
Contributor Dolf Hartman
Contributor Armando Gallo
Contributor Kjell Johansson
Contributor Erkki Pälli
Contributor Merja Halmevaara-Molarius
Contributor Erkki-Pekka J. Helle
Contributor Hannele Willberg
Contributor Markku Veijalainen
Contributor Freeman
Contributor Kikke Herlin
Contributor Arja-Liisa Lehtinen
Contributor Juho Juntunen
Contributor Mikko Montonen
Contributor Eero Helasvuori
Contributor Riitta Mäkinen
Contributor Tapani Ripatti
Contributor Mauri Kunnas
Contributor Erkki Vuokila
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Ilkka Lumiaho
Advertising Anja Sartokari
Printed by Helprint Oy
About/Subject Leena Nilsson
About/Subject Keijo "Keke" Rosberg
About/Subject Juice Leskinen
About/Subject Hanoi Rocks
About/Subject Sex Pistols
About/Subject Malcolm McLaren
About/Subject Frank Marino
About/Subject Wayne Gretzky
About/Subject Jari Kurri
About/Subject AC/DC
About/Subject Frida
About/Subject Boy George
About/Subject Jerry Lee Lewis
About/Subject Pelle Miljoona Oy
About/Subject Richard Gere
About/Subject The Shadows
Cover Date 1983-06
Identifying Codes
ISBN 787507-3-06
Price 12,00 mk
Format Magazine
Publication Location Finland
Page Count / Font 152 pages
Language Finnish


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