S. T. Joshi

The Mummy's Foot and Other Fantastic Tales

2018 (Copyright)

Main Details
Publisher Hippocampus Press
Editor S. T. Joshi
Series Classics of Gothic Horror
Writer Théophile Gautier
Introduction by S. T. Joshi
Cover Art by Aeron Alfrey
Cover/Jacket Design by Dan Sauer
Copyright 2018
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 978-1-61498-231-9
Format Soft cover
Publication Location New York City, NY
Page Count 418 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction, by S. T. Joshi - 7
Omphale: A Rococo Story - 21
Clarimonde - 31
One of Cleopatra's Nights - 63
The Mummy's Foot - 97
Arria Marcella: A Souvenir of Pompeii - 109
Avatar - 139
Jettatura - 217
Spirite: A Fantastic Tale - 299


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