Johan Kugelberg, Mark Iosifescu

Feel the Music: The Psychedelic Worlds of Paul Major (Deluxe Edition - Inscribed)

(First Printing)

Main Details
Editor Johan Kugelberg
Editor Mark Iosifescu
Contributing Editor Jesper Eklow
Contributing Editor Michael P. Daley
Contributing Writer Paul Major
Contributor Rich Haupt
Contributor Stefen Kery
Contributor Patrick Lundborg
Contributor Jack Streitman
Contributor Glenn Terry
Contributor Geoffrey Weiss
Publisher Anthology Editions, LLC
First Printing
Format Hardback
Publication Location USA
Page Count 265 pages
Language English
Notes Deluxe Anthology Limited Edition Silk Screened Slip Case Edition inscribed by Paul Major and letterpress print signed by artist Lizzi Bougatsos; With 7" Endless Boogie 45 and Companion book featuring selections from Paul’s scrapbook (112 pages)


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