Édouard Laboulaye

Laboulaye's Last Fairy Tales

1885 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Édouard Laboulaye
Translated by Mary L. Booth*
Publisher Harper & Brothers
Copyright Holder Harper & Brothers
Copyright 1884
This Edition Published 1885
Format Hardback
Publication Location New York
Page Count / Font xviii + 382 + 3 pages
Language English
Original Language French
Chapters Author's Preface
Translator's Preface

The Three Wonders of the World
The Fairy Crawfish
The Three Wishes
The Golden Fleece
Poor Hans
Zerbino the Savage
The Shepherd Pacha
Briam the Fool
The Little Gray Man
Gagliuso; or, the Good Cat
The Wolf and the Goat
The Wicked Daughters-in-Law
The Spinning Queen
The King of the Serpents
The Prudent Farmer
A Female Solomon
Dame Gudbrand
Grizzled Peter
The Tailor's Daughter
Dame Weasel and Her Husband
The Sun's Daughter
The Little Man
Falsehood and Truth
The Mystic Garden
The Eve of St. Mark


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