Snorri Sturluson

The Prose Edda

1966 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Snorri Sturluson
Publisher University of California Press
Translated by Jean I. Young
Selected by Jean I. Young
Introduction by SigurĂ°ur Nordal
About/Subject Norse Mythology
This Edition Published 1966
First Published 1954
Printed 1966
Identifying Codes
Price $1.50
Impression/Printing No. 4
Impression/Printing No. 3
Format Paperback
Publication Location Berkeley and Los Angeles
Page Count / Font 131 pages
Language English
Original Language Icelandic
Chapters Introduction
Translator's Foreword
The Deluding of Gylfi
Selections from 'Poetic Diction'
Notes Fourth printing, 1966
(First Paper-bound Edition, Third Printing)

Manufactured in the United States of America


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