Paul E. Lee, Ralph Metzner, Rolf von Eckartsberg

Psychedelic Review Issue Number 1 Summer 1963

1963 (Printed)

Main Details
Editor Paul E. Lee
Editor Ralph Metzner
Editor Rolf von Eckartsberg
Managing Editor Peter H. John
Consulting Editor Joe K. Adams
Consulting Editor Richard Alpert
Consulting Editor Frank Barron
Consulting Editor Willis W. Harman
Consulting Editor Timothy Leary
Consulting Editor William H. McGlothlin
Consulting Editor Humphry Osmond
Consulting Editor Huston Smith
Consulting Editor Sanford M. Unger
Consulting Editor Alan W. Watts
Editorial Assistant Susan Metzner
Editorial Assistant Karen Silkett
Editorial Assistant Margaret Thomas
Publisher The Psychedelic Review
Printed 1963
Identifying Codes
Issue Number #1
Format Soft cover
Publication Location Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Page Count / Font 1 - 115 pages
Language English


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