Help! 5/77

1977-05 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Help!
Editor in Chief Tom Pyynönen
Sub-Editor Marketta Arnold
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Tauno Metsä-Heikkilä
Publisher Kustannusosakeyhtiö Apulehti
Managing Editor Yrjö Kokko
Publishing Director Eero Sauri
Publishing Manager Anja Tuomi
Marketing Manager Raimo Jääskeläinen
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Jouko Stenfors
Advertising Ulla-Maija Lindberg
Printed by WSOY
Contributor Laura Antikainen
Contributor Kari Helopaltio
Contributor Mauri Kunnas
Contributor Matti Laipio
Contributor Eeva Lehtonen
Contributor Kristian Merenmaa
Contributor Pekka Mikkola
Contributor Maiju Mykkänen
Contributor Leif Salmi
Photography Seppo Konstig
Photography Henrik Schütt
Photography Magnus Löfving
About/Subject Virve "Vicky" Rosti
About/Subject James Dean (2)
About/Subject Paul McCartney
About/Subject Slik
About/Subject Royals
About/Subject Black Sabbath
About/Subject Eddie And The Hot Rods
About/Subject Bay City Rollers
About/Subject Bill Haley
About/Subject Alice Cooper
About/Subject Armi Aavikko
About/Subject Danny
About/Subject Pepe Willberg
About/Subject Musakatit
About/Subject Taiska
About/Subject Alwari Tuohitorvi
About/Subject Lynsey De Paul
About/Subject Dennis Weaver
Cover Date 1977-05
Identifying Codes
Price 4,50 Mk
Price Skr 6,00
Format Magazine
Publication Location Finland
Page Count / Font 144 pages
Language Finnish


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