Galaktika 313

2016-04 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Galaktika
Editor Emeritius Kuczka Péter
Editor in Chief Burger István
Editor of Publications Németh Attila
Production Director/Manager Dr. Mund Katalin
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Fekete Ádám
Publisher Metropolis Media Group Kft.
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Lapker Rt.
Printed by Kvadrát Print
Cover Date 2016-04
Identifying Codes
Edition No. 313
Edition No. XXXVII., 2016. április
ISSN 0133-2430
Barcode 9 770133 243018 16313
Price 1190 FT
Format Magazine
Publication Location Hungary
Page Count / Font 119 pages
Language Hungarian


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