Frederick S. Clarke

Cinefantastique Volume 31 Number 10

2000-02 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Cinefantastique
Editor Frederick S. Clarke
Publisher Frederick S. Clarke
Contributor Michael Beeler
Contributor Tom Doherty
Contributor Joe Fordham
Contributor Lawrence French
Contributor Patrick Hobby
Contributor Jon Keeyes
Contributor Dale Kutzera
Contributor Mike Lyons
Contributor Presley Reese
Editorial Operations Elaine Fiedler
Editorial Production Coordinator Lisa Tomczak-Walkington
Editorial Production Coordinator Robert Garcia
Other Lisa Coduto
Circulation Director/Manager Faith Redding
Business Director Celeste Casey Clarke
Cover photo Ralph Nelson
About/Subject Wes Craven
About/Subject Stephen King
About/Subject Walter Hill
About/Subject Tom Hanks
About/Subject Neve Campbell
About/Subject Michael Clarke Duncan
About/Subject Doug Hutchison
About/Subject Lou Diamond Phillips
About/Subject Geena Davis
Cover Date 2000-02
Identifying Codes
Price $5.95
Price CAN $9.50
Price UK £4.15
Volume Number 31
Issue Number 10
Barcode (UPC) 073361647825
UPC 02
ISSN 0145-6032
Format Magazine
Publication Location Forest Park, Illinois
Page Count / Font 62 pages
Language English
Chapters Hollywood Gothic
By Dan Persons

Fantasia 2000
Article by Mike Lyons

Pitch Black
Article by Joe Fordham

Galaxy Quest
Article by Mitch Persons

Wes Craven on "Scream 3"
Article by Lawrence French

Scream Queen
Article by Edward Gross

Tom Hanks on "The Green Mile"
Article by Frederick C. Szebin

Making King's The Green Mile
Article by Douglas Eby

"The Green Mile": Stephen King
Article by Patrick Hobby

"The Green Mile": Michael Clarke Duncan
Article by Douglas Eby

"The Green Mile": Adapting Stephen King
Article by Douglas Eby

"The Green Mile": Doug Hutchison
Article by Douglas Eby

The Crow 3: Salvation
Article by Michael Beeler

Lost Souls
Article by Douglas Eby

Article by Dale Kutzera

"Supernova": Director Walter Hill
Article by Dale Kutzera

"Supernova": Lou Diamond Phillips
Article by Dale Kutzera

"Supernova": Visual Effects
Article by Dale Kutzera

"Supernova": Production Design
Article by Dale Kutzera

"Supernova": Make-Up Effects
Article by Dale Kutzera

Stuart Little
Article by Mitch Persons

Hangman's Daughter
Article by Jon Keeyes

Bicentennial Man
Article by Frederick C. Szebin

Toy Story 2
Article by Lawrence French

Being John Malkovich
Article by Dan Persons

The Sixth Sense
Article by Presley Reese; Review by Thomas Doherty

Horror Classic
By Thomas Doherty


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