Roy Carr

VOX #14

1991-11 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title VOX (3)
Publisher IPC Magazines
Other Holborn Publishing Group
Managing Editor Alan Lewis
Editor Roy Carr
Art Director/Editor Paul Aarons
Features Editor Mal Peachey
Production Editor Stan Vincent
Art Assistant Norma Martin
Designed by Phil Clark
Designed by Kevin Cook
Designed by Gary Paine
Sub-Editor Andy Robson
Sub-Editor Richard James
Reviews Editor Shaun Phillips
Media Editor Patrick Humphries
Editorial Assistant Paula Shutkever
Photo/Picture Editor Joe Hickey
Staff Steve Malins
Writer Fred Dellar
Writer Max Bell
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Nick Taylor (2)
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Nick Watt
Advertising Bruce Sandell
Advertising Karen Swan
Advertising Laurie King
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Russell Taylor
Classified Sales Executive Esta Wilson
Classified Sales Executive Elaine Adkins
Advertising Giles Cooper
Advertising Peter Morgan
Publisher Andy McDuff
Managing Director Mike Tudball
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Gordon & Gotch Ltd*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Central News Agency*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution IPC Marketforce
Typeset by Neat Graphics
Reprographics Latent Image
Printed by BPCC Magazines (Milton Keynes) plc
Contributing Artist Tony Husband
Contributing Artist Bill Dew
Contributing Writer Neil Slaven
Contributing Writer David Quantick
Contributing Writer Betty Page
Contributing Writer Don Perretta
Contributing Writer Steven Dalton*
Contributing Writer Steve Malins
Contributing Writer Mal Peachey
Contributing Writer Bruce Dessau
Contributing Writer Jeff Hayward
Contributing Writer Ian McCann
Contributing Writer John Daniels (2)
Contributing Writer Bob McCabe (2)
Contributing Writer Paul Elliott
Review by John Gill
Review by Adam Sweeting
Review by Martin Townsend
Review by Ree Bedro
Review by Liz Torres
Review by Leo Finlay
Review by Keith Cameron
Review by Gavin Martin
Review by Rupert Howe
Review by David Giles
Review by Craig McLean
Review by Andy Giles
Review by Pete Lewis
Review by Phil Strongman
Review by Damon Wise
Review by Geoff Brown (2)
Review by Isabel Appio
Review by Tony Hall
Review by John Martin (4)
Review by Rick Glanville
Review by Harry Hawke
Review by Steve Barrow
Review by Peter K. Hogan*
Review by Holly Baker
Review by Edwin Pouncey
Review by Guy Barefoot
Review by David Cox (2)
Review by Loretta Martin
Review by Lizo Mzimba
Review by David Taylor (3)
Review by Peter Keighron
Review by Ian Johnston
Contributing Photographer Ian Dickson
Photography Archive LFI*
Contributing Photographer Kevin Cummins
Contributing Photographer David Kampfner
Contributing Photographer Charles Dickens (2)
Contributing Photographer Steve Double
Contributing Photographer George Bodnar
Contributing Photographer Vic Von Schwanberg
Contributing Photographer Carlton McQuilkin
Contributing Photographer Paul Slattery
Contributing Photographer Jill Furmanovsky
Contributing Photographer Walt Davidson
Contributing Photographer David Corio
Contributing Photographer Gus Stewart
Contributing Photographer Joe Stevens
Contributing Photographer Bleddyn Butcher
Contributing Photographer Peter Walsh*
Contributing Photographer Russell Underwood
Photography Archive Kobal*
Contributing Photographer Adrian Boot
Contributing Photographer Anton Corbijn
Contributing Photographer Jane Brown
Contributing Photographer Derek Ridgers
Contributing Photographer Geoff Swaine
Photography Archive APRF
Contributing Photographer Steve Wright (4)
Photography Archive People In Pictures
About/Subject Punk Rock
Interview with/Interviewee Erasure
About/Subject Robert Johnson
Interview with/Interviewee Billy Bragg
About/Subject Jools Holland
About/Subject Rowan Atkinson
Interview with/Interviewee Teenage Fanclub
Interview with/Interviewee Wet Wet Wet
About/Subject Talk Talk
Interview with/Interviewee Mark Hollis
About/Subject Demi Moore
About/Subject Primal Scream
Interview with/Interviewee Bobby Gillespie
Interview with/Interviewee Spitfire
About/Subject The Dylans
About/Subject Censorship
Contributor Mark Marot
About/Subject U2
About/Subject Guns N’ Roses
About/Subject Morrissey
About/Subject The Stone Roses
About/Subject Robert Smith
About/Subject Patsy Kensit
Cover Date 1991-11
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 14
Price £1.60
ISSN 0960 3000
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 132 pages
Language English
Notes With free 'art quality photo prints' of Morrissey, Stone Roses, Patsy Kensit and Robert Smith of The Cure.

Also came with The Further Adventures of Record Hunter #14 (see link)


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