A. Lamorisse*

The Red Balloon

1956 (Copyright)

Main Details
Author A. Lamorisse*
Publisher Delacorte Press
Copyright Holder A. Lamorisee*
Copyright 1956
Identifying Codes
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 57-9229
Printer's Key 35 34
ISBN 10 0-385-00343-9
Barcode 9 780385 003438
EAN 5 51695
Price $16.95 US
Price $21.95 CAN
Format Hardback
Page Count / Font
Language English
Original Language French
Original Title Le Ballon Rouge
Notes Photographs in this book were taken during the filming of the movie THE RED BALLOON:
Screenplay, direction and photographs: A. Lamorisse
Chief cameraman: Edmond Sechan
Cameraman and photographer: P. Goupil
Music by: M. le Roux
Sound: E.Vuillemin
Editing P. Gillette
Production manager: M. Pezin
Assistant directors: E. Agabara and A. Fontaine
Production secretary: L. Haas
Script-girl: R. Bource


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