Klaus Mann

Mephisto - Roman einer Karriere

1988-12 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Klaus Mann
Publisher Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag GmbH
Imprint rororo
Cover/Jacket Design by Manfred Waller
Reproduction rights Verlag Heinrich Ellermann
Copyright Holder Verlag Heinrich Ellermann
Printed and Bound by Clausen & Bosse
Foreword by Berthold Spangenberg
First Published 1936
This Edition Published 1988-12
Identifying Codes
ISBN 980-ISBN 3 499 14821 8
Catalog Number 4821
Edition No. 591.-606. Tausend
Price DM 9,80
Format Paperback
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 344 pages
Language German
Original Language German


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