Robert Donington

Wagner's 'Ring' and its Symbols: The Music and the Myth

1969 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Robert Donington
Imprint Faber & Faber
Publisher Series Faber Paper Covered Editions
Publisher Faber & Faber Ltd
Printed by Latimer Trend & Co. Ltd.
About/Subject Richard Wagner
About/Subject Opera
About/Subject Der Ring des Nibelung
Copyright Holder Robert Donington
This Edition Published 1969
First Published 1963
Second Impression 1963
Copyright 1963
Copyright 1969
Identifying Codes
SBN 571 04678 9
Price 18s £0.90 net
Format Paperback
Publication Location London
Page Count 313 pages
Language English
Notes Second Edition, 1969.


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