Enid Blyton

Second Form at St Clare's

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Enid Blyton
Series St. Clare's
Publisher Egmont Books Limited
First Published by Methuen & Co. Ltd*
Copyright Holder (Text) Enid Blyton Ltd
Cover Art by David Roberts (3)
Copyright Holder (Cover/Jacket Art) David Roberts (3)
Printed and Bound by CPI Group
This Edition Published
First Published
Identifying Codes
Series Number 4
ISBN 13 978-1-4052-1981-5
Barcode 9 781405 219815
Price £4.99
Format Paperback
Publication Location London
Page Count 181 pages
Language English
Chapters 1 Off to school again
2 In the second form
3 Two head girls and two new girls
4 Mirabel is a nuisance
5 Mirabel and the Misery-girl
6 A day of shocks and surprises
7 A meeting in the common-room
8 Mirabel gives the form a surprise
9 Anna sees the head mistress
10 Gladys is surprising
11 A disappointment for the second form
12 Gladys tackle Mirabel
13 Half-Term holiday
14 A marvellous show
15 Elsie is foolish
16 Carlotta;s birthday party
17 The second form play a trick
18 An exciting match
19 Alison and Miss Quentin
20 An exciting end of term


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