Trethon Judit

Galaktika 98

1988 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Galaktika
Editor in Chief Sziládi János
Assistant Editor Szentmihályi Szabó Péter
Publisher Móra Ferenc Ifjúsági Könyvkiadó
Printing/Publishing Director Sziládi János
Printed by Szikra Lapnyomda
Printing/Publishing Director Csöndes Zoltán
Lead Editor Kuczka Péter
Designed by Zigány Edit
Editor of Publications Halmos Ferenc
Editor Trethon Judit
Typeset by Beszédes Natasa
Series Secretary Bittó Éva
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Magyar Posta
Contributing Writer Lőrincz L. László
Contributing Writer Nemere István
Interview with/Interviewee Kemény Dezső
About/Subject Laczkó Géza
Contributing Writer Szilágyi G. Gábor
Writer Müller Károly
Contributing Writer Lewis Padgett
Translated by Békés András
Contributing Writer Dévényi Tibor
Contributing Writer Tabi László
Contributing Writer Ray Aldridge
Translated by Nemes Ernő
Contributing Writer Jean-Pierre Adrevon
Translated by Szirányiné Pálffy Gabriella
Contributing Writer Szepes Mária
Contributing Writer Joan Aiken
Translated by Kemény Dezső
Contributing Writer Robert Silverberg
Translated by Kasznár Ágnes
Cover Art by Jenkovszky Iván
This Edition Published 1988
Identifying Codes
Series Number 98
Series Number IV. ÉVF. 1988/11.
ISSN 0133-2430
Impression/Printing No. 88-1611
Price 28, Ft
Format Magazine
Publication Location Budapest
Page Count / Font 96 pages
Language Hungarian
Notes Paperback.


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