Patricia Juliana Smith, David Bergman

The Queer Sixties

1999 (This Edition Published)

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Editor Patricia Juliana Smith
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Contributor Joseph Bristow
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Contributor William A. Cohen
Contributor Francesca Coppa
Contributor Douglas Eisner
Contributor Yvonne C. Keller
Contributor Ricardo Ortíz
Contributor Jennifer A. Rich
Contributor William Scroggie
Contributor Ann Shillinglaw
Contributor Patricia Juliana Smith
Contributor Laura Winkiel
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Chapters Acknowledgements

Part I The Iconographic Subcultural Text: Queer Pulp Fictions
1 Pulp Politics: Strategies of Vision in Pro-Lesbian Pulp Novels, 1955-1965 YVONNE KELLER
2 The Cultural Work of Sixties Gay Pulp Fiction DAVID BERGMAN

Part II Ultimate Icon, Ultimate Iconoclast: Andy Warhol and Valerie Solanas
3 New York School's "Out": Andy Warhol Presents Dumb and Dumber KELLY CRESAP
4 The "Sweet Assassin" and the Performative Politics of SCUM Manifesto LAURA WINKIEL

Part III Notes from Abroad: Queer Icons of Swinging London
5 A Perfectly Developed Playwright: Joe Orton and Homosexual Reform FRANCESCA COPPA
6 "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me": The Camp Masquerades of Dusty Springfield PATRICIA JULIANA SMITH
7 "Gives Us a Kiss": Queer Codes, Male Partnering, and the beatles ANN SHILLINGLAW

Part IV California Dreaming: Los Angeles and Its Queer Denizens
8 "I am with You, Little Minority Sister": Isherwood's Queer Sixties JOSEPH BRISTOW
9 L.A. Women: Jim Morrison with John Rechy RICARDO L. ORTÍZ

Part V Icons and Iconoclasts in the Mainstream
10 "(W)right in the Faultlines": The Problematic of Identity in William Wyler's The Children's Hour JENNIFER A. RICH
11 Liberalism, Libido, Liberation: Baldwin's Another Country WILLIAM A. COHEN
12 The Queer Frontier BLAKE ALLMENDINGER
13 Producing Identity: From The Boys in the Band to Gay Liberation WILLIAM SCROGGIE
14 Myra Breckinridge and the Pathology of Heterosexuality DOUGLAS EISNER

Notes Printed in the U.S.A.

"Liberalism, Libido, Liberation: Baldwin's Another Country" by William A. Cohen is reprinted from Genders 12, pp. 1-21. © 1991 by the University of Texas Press.
"You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" by Patricia Juliana Smith is reprinted from Camp Grounds: Style and Homosexuality, edited by David Bergman. (Amherst: The University of Masachusetts Press, 1993). © 1993 by the University of Massachusetts Press.

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