Benjamin Sperduto

Book Of Grudges: A Guide To Dwarfs & The Everlasting Realm


Main Details
Franchise Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play
Game Designer Jay Little
Game Designer Daniel Lovat Clark
Game Designer Michael Hurley
Game Designer Tim Uren
Writer Dave Allen
Writer Robbie Cameron
Writer Dara Mac Donnacha
Writer Joseph Ewens
Writer Chris Gerber
Writer Dylan Owen
Writer Ross Watson
Editor Benjamin Sperduto
Graphic Design Chris Beck
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Chris Gerber
Cover Artist Daarken
Interior Art Even Mehl Amundsen,
Interior Art Ryan Barger
Interior Art Yoann Boissonnet
Interior Art Frank Walls
Managing Director Andrew Navaro
Art Director/Editor Kyle Hough
Art Director/Editor Zoë Robinson
Production Director/Manager Eric Knight (2)
Producer Chris Gerber
Other Corey Konieczka
Production Director/Manager Michael Hurley
Publisher Christian T. Petersen
Licensing Deb Beck
Licensing Manager Owen Rees
Other Andy Jones
Intellectual Property Manager Alan Merrett
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Copyright Holder Games Workshop Limited
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978 1 58994 815 0
Product Code W HF17
Other Print ID: 1032A PR11
Format e-Book
Publication Location Roseville
Page Count 46 pages
Language English


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