MOJO Issue #159

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title MOJO
Editor in Chief Phil Alexander
Deputy Editor Andrew Male
Consulting Editor Danny Eccleston
Art Director/Editor Mark Wagstaff
Reviews Editor Jenny Bulley
Reviews Editor Lois Wilson
Production Editor Geoff Brown (2)
Deputy Art Director Giles Arbery
Associate Editor Ian Harrison
Photo/Picture Editor Matt Turner
Photo Editing Phill Kalli
Assistant Editor Nicky Demuth
Contributing Editor Sylvie Simmons
Contributing Editor Ben Edmonds
Web Editor Martin O'Gorman
Creative Director Dave Henderson
Publishing Director Stuart Williams (2)
Marketing Manager Sophie Watson Smyth
Business Director Jacqui Pinto
Business Affairs Urmi Dutta-Roy
Promotion Director Nardia Plumridge
Project Editor/Coordinator/Director Marguerite Cartwright
Marketing Manager Ben Holland
Marketing/Advertising Lauren Kreisler
Other Planet Syndication
Origination by Rival Colour
Printed by Southern Print*
Managing Director Rob Munro-Hall
Managing Director Marcus Rich
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Moloney
Publisher EMAP Performance Ltd.*
Contributing Writer Clive Prior
Contributing Writer Mark Kendall
Contributing Writer Andrew Perry
Contributing Writer Paul Elliott
Contributing Writer Mark Paytress
Contributing Writer Ian Harrison
Contributing Writer Victoria Segal
Contributing Writer David Katz
Contributing Writer David Sheppard
Contributing Writer Keith Cameron
Contributor Belinda Carlisle
Contributing Writer Kieron Tyler
Contributing Writer Fred Dellar
Contributing Writer Michael Hurtt
Contributing Writer Trevor White (2)
Contributing Writer Paul Trynka
Contributing Writer Pat Gilbert
Contributing Writer Paul Elliott
Contributing Writer Phil Sutcliffe
Contributing Writer Sophie Harris
Contributing Writer Andrew Male
Contributing Writer Andy Fyfe
Contributor Genesis P-Orridge
Contributing Writer Paul Brannigan
Contributing Writer James McNair
Contributing Writer Martin Aston
Review by Andrew Carden
Review by Danny Eccleston
Review by Colin Irwin
Review by Angus Batey
Review by Jim Irvin
Review by Lois Wilson
Review by Max Décharné
Review by Stuart Williams (2)
Review by John Harris
Review by Chris Ingham
Contributor John Foxx
Illustrator Savage Pencil
Cover photo Kevin Cummins
Photography Archive Retna
Photography Archive WENN
Photography Archive Empics
Photography Archive Getty*
Photography Archive Reuters
Photography Archive Michael Ochs Archives
Contributing Photographer Bohdan Cap
Contributing Photographer Peter Mazel*
Photography Archive LFI*
Contributing Photographer Dan Monik*
Contributing Photographer Michael Putland
Photography Archive Redferns
Contributing Photographer Scarlet Page
Contributing Photographer Mattia Zoppellaro
Contributing Photographer Ross Halfin
Contributing Photographer Christopher Felver
Photography Archive Corbis
Photography Archive Bettmann
Contributing Photographer Kevin Cummins
Photography Archive Idols
Contributing Photographer Martin O'Neill
Contributing Photographer Dean Rogers
Photography Archive Photofeatures
Contributing Photographer Jill Furmanovsky
Contributing Photographer Leó Stefánsson
About/Subject Ian Curtis
About/Subject Joy Division
About/Subject Arctic Monkeys
Interview by/Interviewer Alex Turner
Interview with/Interviewee John Cooper Clarke
About/Subject Jamie T
Interview with/Interviewee Lindsey Buckingham
About/Subject Alex Harvey
About/Subject Ruth Brown
Interview with/Interviewee John Cale
About/Subject NWOBHM
Interview with/Interviewee Pete Seeger
About/Subject The View
About/Subject The Stooges
About/Subject The Fall
About/Subject Gruff Rhys
About/Subject Dexys Midnight Runners
About/Subject Pentangle
About/Subject Bobby Bare
About/Subject Holger Czukay
About/Subject The Sugarcubes
About/Subject Ramones
About/Subject Amy Winehouse
About/Subject The Only Ones
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 159
Price £4.10
Price US $9.50
Barcode 9771351019119
EAN 2 02>
Other February 2007
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 148 pages
Language English
Notes With free CD - Love Will Tear You Apart


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