Push (2)

Electronic Sound #04


Main Details
Periodical Title Electronic Sound
Editor Push (2)
Deputy Editor Mark Roland
Art Director/Editor Anthony Bliss
Concept Artist Jordan Bezants
Contributing Editor Bill Bruce
Assistant Designer Ryan Birse
About/Subject Gary Numan
About/Subject John Foxx
About/Subject The Orb
About/Subject Polly Scattergood
About/Subject Boris Blank
About/Subject Ultramarine
About/Subject Front Line Assembly
About/Subject Jack Dangers
About/Subject Irmin Schmidt
About/Subject Fini Tribe
About/Subject Boom Boom Satellites
About/Subject Clara Hill
About/Subject Terry Farley
About/Subject SIN COS TAN
About/Subject Ulrich Schnauss
About/Subject Mark Peters
About/Subject Giorgio Moroder
About/Subject Schneider TM
About/Subject Dick Raaijmakers
About/Subject Acid House
About/Subject Henk Badings
About/Subject Synthesizers
Format e-Zine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 116 pages
Language English


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