Alex Fisher

On Shed 3: Eastern Region, Southern Section

(First Published)

Main Details
Publisher Kelsey Media
Editor Alex Fisher
Publisher Paul Appleton
Designed by Mark Hyde
Proofreader Charles Waters
Managing Director Phil Weeden
Advertising Publishing Works
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Seymour Distribution
Printed by Pensord*
About/Subject Rail Transport
Publisher Series Railways of Britain
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 9781910554845
Price £7.99
Format Magazine
Publication Location Cudham, Kent
Page Count 98 pages
Language English
Chapters Liverpool Street Division
Colchester, Ripple Lane, Temple Mills, Parkeston Quay & Liverpool Street, Stratford
Norwich Division
Norwich Thorpe, Norwich Crown Point, Ipswich, Ipswich Station Stabling Point, Lowestoft & Yarmouth Beach, Yarmouth Vauxhall, Yarmouth South Town, Cambridge Coldham's Lane, March, King's Lynn, Other Sheds
King's Cross, London Division
Hornsey, Hitchin, King's Cross, Finsbury Park, Hatfield & New England, Peterborough
Doncaster Division
Docaster, Worksop, Grantham, Retford, Frodingham, Immingham, Lincoln, Boston, Colwick, Annesley, Other Sheds
Notes 'Bookazine': magazine format and distribution but meets library science definition of monograph rather than serial publication and has an ISBN rather than ISSN


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