Wired (Nov 2015)


Main Details
Copyright Holder Condé Nast
Publisher Condé Nast
Guest Editor Serena Williams
Other Kim Kelleher
Other Douglas Grinspan
Marketing/Advertising May Draisin
Marketing/Advertising Andy Sonnenberg
Other Camille Signorelli
Marketing/Advertising Robbie Sauerberg
Other Chad Carr
Other Piper Goodspeed
Other Kelsey Kirsch
Other Ashley Banks
Other Matt Oehlsen
Other Allyson Schwartz
Other Tracy Eisenman
Other Sara Mack
Other Colin J. Weber
Other David Simpson
Other Laurent Bouaziz
Other Elena De Giuli
Other Matthew Farrar
Other Melissa Jiménez
Other Stephanie Clement
Other Elizabeth M. Murphy
Other Tim Carroll
Other Lindsay Clark
Other Dave Hady
Other Julian R. Lowin
Other Ashley R. Knowlton
Other Giovanni Dorin
Other Annie Trinh Steinhaus
Other Jessica Birenz
Other Patrick Brennan
Marketing/Advertising Charles Ellis
Marketing/Advertising Allison Foresi
Marketing/Advertising Stefanie Lindebaum
Marketing/Advertising Meghan McCarthy
Marketing/Advertising Lynn McRobb
Marketing/Advertising Shelby Roman
Marketing/Advertising Jessica Ryan
Other Ed Sumner
Other Ashley Tabroff
Other Jason Gluck
Other Heather Kirkpatrick
Other Isabel Marx
Other Erica Steinberg
Other Christine Hoang
Other Jennifer Wuebbolt
Marketing/Advertising Catherine Fish
Marketing/Advertising Katherine Kirkland
Marketing/Advertising Christopher Cona
Marketing/Advertising Rob Gearity
Marketing/Advertising Hilary Kelley
Marketing/Advertising Saiba Arain
Marketing/Advertising Nicole Riccardi
Marketing/Advertising Caitlin Rauch
Marketing/Advertising Meagan Jordan
Marketing/Advertising Melissa Bickar
Other Matthew Stevenson
Other Francesca Cristiani
Other Cristian Mendoza
Other Florence Pak
Art Director/Editor Mark Majdanski
Other Jessica Sander
Other Dean Quigley
Other Nagham Hilly
Other Caitlin McLaughlin
Other Katie McNally
Editor in Chief Scott Dadich
Director of Editorial Resources Robert Capps
Other Billy Sorrentino
Other Mark McClusky
Executive Editor Mark Robinson
Executive Editor Joe Brown
Other Jason Tanz
Other Adam Rogers
Other Chuck Squatriglia
Other Erica Jewell
Other Joan Pearlstein
Senior Editor/Director Michael Calore
Senior Editor/Director Emily Dreyfuss
Senior Editor/Director Jon J. Eilenberg
Senior Editor/Director Sarah Fallon
Senior Editor/Director John Gravois
Senior Editor/Director Susan Murcko
Senior Editor/Director Caitlin Roper
Senior Editor/Director Peter Rubin
Senior Editor/Director Marcus Wohlsen
Senior Writer Jessi Hempel
Copy Chief Jennifer Prior
Other Eric Steuer
Other Jay Dayrit
Other Katelyn Davies
Other Robbie Gonzalez
--- Molly McHugh
Other Katie M. Palmer
Other Angela Watercutter
Senior Writer Andy Greenberg
Senior Writer Cade Metz
Senior Writer David Pierce
Senior Writer Kim Zetter
Associate Editor Alex Davies
Associate Editor Jason Kehe
Other Davey Alba
Other Julia Greenberg
Other Issie Lapowsky
Other Liz Stinson
Other Brian Dustrud
Copy Editor Lee Simmons
Copy Editor Pam Smith
Other Victoria Tang
Other Jennifer Chaussee
Other Lexi Pandell
Other David Moretti
Other Dylan Boelte
Other Allie Fisher
Other Victor Krummenacher
Art Director/Editor Raul Aguila
Art Director/Editor Francesco Muzzi
Other Rina Kushnir
Other Mathew Asgari
Other Evan Mills
Director of Photography Anna Goldwater Alexander
Other Neil Harris
Other Sean Patrick Farrell
Photo/Picture Editor Maria Lokke
Photo/Picture Editor Sarah Silberg
Other Rosey Lakos
Other Nurie Mohamed
Other Dan Winters
Other Hayley Nelson
Other Kathleen Vignos
Other Zack Tollman
Other Sam Baldwin
Other Stephen McGarrigle
Other Ben Chirlin
Other Layla Mandella
Other Jake Spurlock
Other Tony Vongprachanh
Other Alessandra Ram
Other Karen Zhang
Other Ron Licata
Other Myrna Chiu
Other Ryan Meith
Other Blanca Myers
Editorial Assistant Ashley Shaffer
Other Chris Becker
Other David Herscher
Other Arthur Guiling
Contributing Editor Chris Kohler
Contributing Writer K.M. McFarland
Contributing Writer Tim Moynihan
Contributing Writer Margaret Rhodes
Contributing Writer Nick Stockton
Contributing Writer Sarah Zhang
Other Christy Sheppard Knell
Other Jenna Garrett
Other Christie Hemm Klok
Other Josh Valcarcel
Other Junho Kim
Researcher Lydia Belanger
Researcher Jordan Crucchiola
Researcher Timothy Lesle
Researcher Annie Sneed
Other Theresa Thadani
Other Samantha Oltman
Other Matt Simon
Other Dellea Chew
Contributing Editor Brian Barrett
Contributing Editor Joshua Davis
Contributing Editor Bryan Gardiner
Contributing Editor Charles Graeber
Contributing Editor Jeff Howe
Contributing Editor Brendan I. Koerner
Contributing Editor Kevin Poulsen
Contributing Editor Brian Raftery
Contributing Editor Evan Ratliff
Contributing Editor Spencer Reiss
Contributing Editor Clive Thompson
Contributing Editor Fred Vogelstein
Contributing Editor Gary Wolf
Contributing Editor David Wolman
Contributing Writer Rhett Allain
Contributing Writer Andy Baio
Contributing Writer Beth Carter
Contributing Writer Laura Hudson
Contributing Writer Brandon Keim
Contributing Writer Erik Klemetti
Contributing Writer Betsy Mason
Contributing Writer Graeme McMillan
Contributing Writer Greg Miller
Contributing Writer Doug Newcomb
Contributing Writer Quinn Norton
Contributing Writer Gwen Pearson
Contributing Writer Lizzie Wade
Correspondent Stewart Brand
Correspondent Mark Frauenfelder
Correspondent Chris Hardwick
Correspondent Steven Johnson
Correspondent Jonathon Keats
Correspondent Brian Lam
Correspondent Steven Leckart
Correspondent Bob Parks
Correspondent Frank Rose
Correspondent Steve Silberman
Correspondent Danielle Venton
Other Gordon Gottsegen
Other Chelsea Leu
Other Charley Locke
Other Shara Tonn
Other Ian Allen
Other James Day
Other Christopher Griffith
Other Brent Humphreys
Other Platon
Other Joe Pugliese
Other Moises Saman
Other Art Streiber
Other Adam Voorhes
Other Bryan Christie Design
Other Tavis Coburn
Other Carl DeTorres
Other Gluekit
Other Hugo + Marie
Other Lamosca
Other Zohar Lazar
Other Tal Leming
Other Francesco Muzzi
Other Christoph Niemann
Other Chris Philpot
Other Thomas Porostocky
Other Ben Wiseman
Other Anthony Zazzi
Other Jacob Young
Other Corey Wilson
Other Gaia Filicori
Other Chris Anderson
Other Kevin Kelly
Founding Editor Louis Rossetto
Periodical Title Wired
Identifying Codes
ISSN 1059-1028
Format Magazine
Notes Printed in the USA


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