Wolfgang Flür

Ich War Ein Roboter - Electric Drummer bei Kraftwerk, zweite Ausgabe

2004 (Republished)

Main Details
Author Wolfgang Flür
Publisher VGS Verlag
About/Subject Kraftwerk
Republished 2004
Identifying Codes
ISBN 3-8025-3377-1
Format Paperback + CD
Publication Location Germany
Page Count / Font
Language German
Notes The 2nd German printing of this book that also contains a Yamo audio cd.

Audio cd contents:
01 I Was A Robot (The Whole Story Mix) 5:49
02 I Was A Robot (Apoll-Remix) 6:26
03 I Was A Robot (Tanga-Remix) 5:24
04 I Was A Robot (Radio-Cut) 3:44


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