B-Side (1992/10&11)

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Main Details
Periodical Title B-Side
Publisher Sandra A. Garcia
Publisher Sandra C. Davis
Executive Director Sandra A. Garcia
Senior Editor/Director Carol S. Schutzbank
Director of Design Sandra C. Davis
Director of Design Sandra A. Garcia
Letters Editor Nick Coniglio
Editor Rench
Photo Editing Sandra C. Davis
Photography Sandra C. Davis
About/Subject Nick Cave
About/Subject Public Image Limited
About/Subject Prong
About/Subject Skinny Puppy
About/Subject The Mission
About/Subject Pop Will Eat Itself
About/Subject Industrial Music
Cover Date
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode 0 74470 75716 0
EAN 2 10
Price $3.00
Volume Number 6
Issue Number 5
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Language English
Chapters Features
28 // Buffalo Tom: The Sylvia Plath connection.
30 // Nick Cave: Words as a primary weapon.
34 // Public Image Limited: Ranting and raving with Mr. Rotten.
36 // Prong: Dissecting their three pronged attack.
38 // Skinny Puppy: The story of Stull and other tar tales.
46 // Levitation: Rising above the progressive niche.
48 // Daisy Chainsaw: A pocket full of punk power.
50 // The Mission: Wayne Hussy's got a new beat.
52 // Pop Will Eat Itself: Picking their own adjectives.

8 // Letters
10 // Sight Of Sound
12 // Lollapalooza Report
16 // Spotlights: Spiritualized, Ween, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Uncle Wiggly
20 // Profiles: Ingrid Chavez, Coffin Break, Miracle Legion, Yo La Tengo, Afghan Wigs
44 // Tim Gore: The man behind the Mayhem
59 // Live: Rock For Choice, L7, The Rollins Band, Body Count and more
60 // Sound Reviews: More wonders and woes in sound


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