Ronald Dahl

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

1964 (First Published)

Main Details
Author Ronald Dahl
Editor Kaye Webb
Illustrator Faith Jaques
Publisher Puffin Books
Printed by Richard Clay (The Chaucer Press) Ltd
Copyright Holder Roald Dahl
First Published 1964
Republished 1967
Republished 1973
Reprinted 1973
Reprinted 1974
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0 14 03 05 99 8
Format Paperback
Publication Location England
Page Count / Font 133 pages / Linotype Pilgrim
Language English
Notes Puffin Books, Penguin Books Ltd
First published in the U.S.A. 1964
Published in Great Britain by George Allen & Unwin 1967
Published in Puffin Books 1973
Reprinted 1973 (four times), 1974 (three times), 1975
Copyright © Roald Dahl, 1964
Made and printed in Great Britain by Richard Clay (The Chaucer Press) Ltd Bungay Suffolk
Set in Linotype Pilgrim


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