MOJO Issue #251

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Main Details
Publisher Bauer Media
Series MOJO
Other Clare Chamberlain
Director Matt Warne
Director Rob Walsh
Director Anu Short
Other Kate Barker
Other Keith Hillman
Other Liz Harriot
Other Joel Hopkins
Other Stefanie Daniels
Other Rick Williams
Art Director/Editor Victoria Clark
Other Heather Cumming
Other Katherine Brown (2)
Other Lauren Bamber
Other Karen Gardiner
Production Director/Manager Martin Dunphy
Production Director/Manager Andrew Stafford
Production Director/Manager Zoe Bellamy
Other Kerry Beasley
Other Paul Keenan
Director Abby Carvosso
Publisher David Bostock
Director Dave Henderson
Other Marguerite Cartwright
Other Gillian Short
Other Ruth Kosla
Other Giles Clawson
Other Simon Doggett
Other Harriet Hines
Other Samantha Nasser
Other Alex Penge
Other Jess Blake
Other Gareth Viggers
Managing Editor Harriet Southgate
Printed by Polestar Bicester
Editor in Chief Phil Alexander
Deputy Editor Andrew Male
Other Danny Eccleston
Art Director/Editor Mark Wagstaff
Reviews Editor Jenny Bulley
Associate Editor Geoff Brown (2)
Art Director/Editor Russell Moorcroft
Associate Editor Ian Harrison
Photo/Picture Editor Matt Turner
Researcher Ian Whent
Contributing Editor Sylvie Simmons
Contributing Editor Keith Cameron
Contributing Editor Ben Edmonds
Contributor Lily Armstrong
Contributor Martin Aston
Contributor Sonny Baker
Contributor Mike Barnes
Contributor Mark Blake
Contributor Lloyd Bradley
Contributor Glyn Brown
Contributor John Bungey
Contributor Keith Cameron
Contributor Andrew Carden
Contributor Stevie Chick
Contributor Andy Cowan
Contributor Fred Dellar
Contributor Tom Doyle
Contributor Priya Elan
Contributor Paul Elliott
Contributor Andy Fyfe
Contributor Pat Gilbert
Contributor David Hutcheon
Contributor Chris Ingham
Contributor Jim Irvin
Contributor Colin Irwin
Contributor David Katz
Contributor James McMahon
Contributor James McNair
Contributor Bob Mehr
Contributor Mark Paytress
Contributor Andy Perry
Contributor Clive Prior
Contributor Tony Russell
Contributor Jon Savage
Contributor Victoria Segal
Contributor Johnny Sharp
Contributor David Sheppard
Contributor Michael Simmons
Contributor Sylvie Simmons
Contributor Phil Sutcliffe
Contributor Jeff Tamarkin
Contributor Ben Thompson
Contributor Paul Trynka
Contributor Luke Turner
Contributor Kieron Tyler
Contributor Charles Waring
Contributor Roy Wilkinson
Contributor Lois Wilson
Contributor Stephen Worthy
Photography Guido Harari
Photography Alice Baxley
Photography Jeff Beninato
Photography Adrian Boot
Photography Anton Corbijn
Photography Andy Cotterill
Photography William Eggleston
Photography Simon Fernandez
Photography Bob Gruen
Photography Tom Hanley
Photography Lee Jaffe
Photography Tom Oldham
Photography Mick Rock
Photography Michael Vallera
Photography Claude Vanheye
Photography Val Wilmer*
Photography Carsten Windhorst
About/Subject Bob Marley
About/Subject Kate Bush
About/Subject Dr. John
About/Subject The Kinks
About/Subject Adam Cohen
About/Subject Smokey Robinson
About/Subject Queen
About/Subject Johnny Winter
About/Subject The Beatles
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode 725274775507
ISSN 1351-0193
Issue Number 251
Format Magazine
Publication Location United Kingdom
Page Count 130 pages
Language English
Chapters Features:
Johnny Winter
Smokey Robinson
Dr. John
Bob Marley
The Beatles

Cover Story:
Kate Bush

All Back To My Place
Theories, Rants, Etc.
Real Gone
Ask Fred
Hello Goodbye

What Goes On!
The New Basement Tapes
Kinks Reformation!
Harry Dean Stanton
Queen '74

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New Albums
Notes Includes cover mount CD titled - "The Dreamers" (Discogs ref r6013327). Packaged in a Jewel case.


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