Enid Blyton

The Riddle of the Boy Next Door


Main Details
Author Enid Blyton
Series The Young Adventurers
Publisher Award Publications Limited
Illustrator Patricia Ludlow
Cover Art by Gavin Rowe
Copyright Holder (Text) Chorion Rights Limited
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Award Publications Limited
Identifying Codes
Series Number 6
ISBN 13 978-1-84135-742-3
Barcode 9 781841 357423
Price £5.99
Format Paperback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 247 pages
Language English
Chapters 1. The Boy Next Door
2. The Red Indians Have a Bad Time
3. The Morning of the Adventure
4. The Hole Under the Fence
5. Through the Hole at Midnight
6. An Exciting Climb
7. Mr Barton is Angry
8. The Houseboat on the River
9. The Black Swan is Cleaned Up
10. Laura's Birthday Cake and Surprise
11. Who is Dumb Sam?
12. Is it the Wicked Uncle?
13. An Unwelcome Visitor
14. Off for a Night on the Boat
15. A Nasty Shock
16. Kit Gets into Trouble
17. Plenty of Excitement
18. Nick Makes a Discovery
19. Kit Tries to Escape
20. An Exciting Night
21. A Very Strange Thing
22. A Narrow Escape
23. A Marvellous Surprise
24. Kit has a Wonderful Idea
25. Good News for Kit
26. Back Home Again - and a Birthday Party
Notes First published 1944 as The Boy Next Door
Revised edition published 1997 as The Riddle of the Boy Next Door
First published by Award Publications Limited 2004 as The Young Adventurers and the Boy Next Door
This edition entitled The Riddle of the Boy Next Door first published 2009


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