A. P. Cowie, R. Mackin, I. R. McCaig

Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms

1993 (Copyright)

Main Details
Author A. P. Cowie
Author R. Mackin
Author I. R. McCaig
Publisher Oxford University Press
Copyright Holder Oxford University Press
Typeset by Oxford University Press
Typeset by Filmtype Services Ltd.
Foreword by Ronald Mackin*
Copyright 1993
First Published 1993
This Impression 1996
Identifying Codes
Impression/Printing No. 4
ISBN 10 0-19-431287-9
Barcode 9 780194 312875
Format Paperback
Publication Location Oxford
Page Count / Font 685 pages
Language English
Notes Previously published as: Oxford Dictionary of Current Idiomatic English: Volume 2 (1983)


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