Arthur C. Clarke

2001 Odissea Nello Spazio

1972-08-22 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Arthur C. Clarke
Publisher Longanesi & C.
Publisher Series I Libri Pocket
Translated by Bruno Oddera
Preface by Mario Monti
Series Director Romano Rinaldi
Copyright Holder Arthur C. Clarke
Copyright Holder Polaris Productions, Inc.
Copyright Holder (This Edition) Longanesi & C.
Printed by GBM
Distributed by/Director of Distribution SO.DI.P.
Series Space Odyssey
This Edition Published 1972-08-22
Printed 1972-07
Identifying Codes
Series Number 359
Price Lire 450
Format Pocket book
Publication Location Italy
Page Count / Font 254 pages
Language Italian
Original Language English
Original Title 2001: A Space Odyssey
Chapters Prefazione
Ⅰ. Notte primeva
Ⅱ. AMT - 1
Ⅲ. Tra i pianeti
Ⅳ. L'abisso
Ⅴ. Le lune di Saturno
Ⅵ. Attraverso le porte delle stelle


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