Kenneth Bulmer

New Writings In SF.23

1975 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Editor Kenneth Bulmer
Imprint Corgi Books
Publisher Transworld Publishers Ltd
Printed by Richard Clay (The Chaucer Press) Ltd
Writer Keith Roberts
Writer Grahame Leman
Writer E. C. Tubb
Writer Brian W. Aldiss*
Writer Michael Stall
Writer Charles Partington
Writer David S. Garnett
Writer Charles Grey
Writer Barrington J. Bayley
Publisher Series New Writings in SF
This Edition Published 1975
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0 552 09681 4
Price UK 40p
Price Australia *$1.20
Price New Zealand $1.20
Price Canada $1.50
Series Number 23
Format Mass-Market Paperback
Publication Location Great Britain
Page Count / Font 191 pages / Pilgrim 10/11pt
Language English
Chapters Foreword by Kenneth Bulmer

The Lake of Tuonela by Keith Roberts
Wagtail in the Morning by Grahame Leman
Made to be Broken by E. C. Tubb
The Eternal Theme of Exile by Brian W. Aldiss
The Five Doors by Michael Stall
Sporting on Apteryx by Charles Partington
Rainbow by David S. Garnett
Accolade by Charles Grey
The Seed of Evil by Barrington J. Bayley


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