Michele Brittany

James Bond and Popular Culture: Essays on the Influence of the Fictional Superspy

Main Details
Editor Michele Brittany
Foreword by Rob Weiner
Afterword by Trevor Sewell
Writer Michael Baskett
Writer Nicholas Diak
Writer Fernando Gabriel Pagnoni Berns
Writer Ipshita Nath
Writer Anubhav Pradhan
Writer Cynthia W. Walker
Writer Thomas M. Barrett
Writer John Vohlidka
Writer Christine D. Myers
Writer Hannah ­Means-Shannon
Writer K.A. Laity
Writer Edward Biddulph
Writer Brian Patton
Writer Ian Dawe
Writer James Fleury
Publisher McFarland
About/Subject James Bond
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-0-7864-7793-7
Format Soft cover
Page Count 277 pages
Language English
Chapters Acknowledgments ix
Foreword (Robert G. Weiner) 1
Introduction 5
Part One. Film
Japan’s 1960s Spy Boom: Bond Meets Imperial Nostalgia (Michael Baskett) 10
"Permission to kill": Exploring Italy’s 1960s Eurospy Phenomenon, Impact and Legacy (Nicholas Diak) 32
Subverting the ­Bond-Canon in Madame Sin and Se tutte le donne del mondo (Fernando Gabriel Pagnoni Berns) 47
Nation and Action: The Case of the Bollywood Spy Thriller (Ipshita Nath and Anubhav Pradhan) 62
Part Two. Television
Mr. Bond’s Neighborhood: Domesticating the Superspy for American Television (Cynthia W. Walker) 80
The Undefined Agent, Illya Kuryakin: Making the Russian (In)Visible in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Thomas M. Barrett) 103
Who, Doctor Who: 007’s Influence on the Pertwee Era of Doctor Who (John Vohlidka) 121
Refashioning James Bond as an American Secret Agent: Scarecrow and Mrs. King, 1983-1987 (Christine D. Myers) 140
Part Three. Literature
Super-Spies Face the Collective Shadow of the Cold War in Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT (Hannah ­Means-Shannon) 162
Flirting with Bond: Or How I Created My Sexy Female Secret Agent (K.A. Laity) 181
Part Four. Lifestyle
Modelling Bond: The Cultural Perception of James Bond on the Eve of the Eon Production Films (Edward Biddulph) 194
Derek Flint, Matt Helm, and the Playboy Spy of the 1960s (Brian Patton) 209
Part Five. Reinterpretations
Archer: A Spy Parody for the Ears (Ian Dawe) 232
"Sometimes the old ways are the best": ­Ret-Conning in James Bond Video Games (James Fleury) 247
Afterword (Trevor Sewell) 267
About the Contributors 271
Index 273


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