Babits Mihály

A gólyakalifa

1995 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Babits Mihály
Publisher Interpopulart Könyvkiadó
Publisher Series Diák- és Házikönyvtár
Publisher Series Populart Füzetek
Copyright Holder Fogarasi István
Publishing Director Fogarasi István
Design Concept Bencze Rita
Typography by Kovács Attila
Printing/Publishing Director Dr. Csöndes Zoltán
Production Support Soros Alapítvány
Printed by Szikra Lapnyomda Rt.*
This Edition Published 1995
Identifying Codes
Series Number 94
ISBN 963 613 029 9
ISSN 1216-8661
Other 95-008
Format Paperback
Publication Location Budapest
Page Count 109 pages
Language Hungarian
Notes 95-008 is the printing number.


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