Eric Knight

Sam Small csodálatos élete

1983 (This Edition Published)

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Main Details
Author Eric Knight
Publisher Móra Ferenc Ifjúsági Könyvkiadó
Publisher Series Mókus Könyvek
First Published by Phoenix Publishing Co. Ltd.
First Published by Scherz And Hallwag
Copyright Holder Eric Knight
Copyright Renewed By Jere Knight
Translated by Szerb Antal
Copyright Holder (Translation) Szerb Antal jogutóda
Graphics by Hegedüs István
Printed by Dabasi Nyomda
This Edition Published 1983
Copyright 1937
Copyright 1938
Copyright 1939
Copyright 1940
Copyright 1941
Copyright 1942
Copyright Renewed 1965
Copyright 1979
Identifying Codes
Edition No. 2
ISSN 0133-3542
ISBN 963 11 3283 8
Impression/Printing No. 82-2171
Issue Number 57000
Price 20,- Ft
Other IF 4737
Format Hardback
Publication Location Budapest
Page Count / Font
Language Hungarian
Original Language English
Original Title Sam Small Flies Again


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