Desmond Bagley

Andien vangit

1982 (Printed)

Main Details
Author Desmond Bagley
Publisher Series Salamanteri
Imprint WSOY*
Cover/Jacket Design by Nikolai Punin
Publisher Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö
Translated by Panu Pekkanen
Copyright Holder Desmond Bagley
Printed by WSOY:n graafiset laitokset, Juva
Printed 1982
Copyright 1965
Identifying Codes
Other 996157-2-48
YKL (Finnish) 845
ISBN 951-0-11087-6
Price 22 50
Impression/Printing No. 2
Format Hardback
Publication Location Porvoo - Helsinki - Juva
Page Count / Font 345 pages
Language Finnish
Original Language English
Original Title The High Citadel
Chapters 10 untitled chapters numbered from 1. LUKU to 10. LUKU
Notes Toinen painos [=Second printing]


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