Ablaze! 8


Main Details
Periodical Title Ablaze!
Editor Karren Ablaze!
Staff Lucy Nation
Staff Gavin Burnblack
Contributing Writer Andrew Truth
Contributing Writer Justine Wolfenden
Contributing Writer Simon Morris
Contributing Writer Katie Kat
Contributing Photographer Greg Neil
Contributing Photographer Tony Woolgar
Contributing Photographer Jayne Lockey
Contributing Photographer Declan Kelly
About/Subject The Wedding Present
About/Subject Throwing Muses
About/Subject Pale Saints
About/Subject Bleach
About/Subject Hole
About/Subject Babes In Toyland
About/Subject American Music Club
About/Subject Mercury Rev
About/Subject Fluff
About/Subject Langfield Crane
About/Subject Band Of Susans
About/Subject Bongwater
About/Subject Foreheads In A Fishtank
About/Subject Orange Sunshine
About/Subject Pavement
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 8
Price One Pound Fifty
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 52 pages
Language English
Notes With with free flexi-disc (Stuffed Cat UK KBN 191):

A1: Fluff - Us
A2: Pavement - My First Mine


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