John Rees

The Leveller Revolution: Radical Political Organisation in England, 1640-1650

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author John Rees
Publisher Verso
Designed by James Jones (2)
About/Subject Levellers
First Published
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 9781784783891
Library of Congress Classification Number DA405.R429 2016
Dewey Decimal Classification Number 941.06
Format Paperback
Publication Location New York
Page Count 490 pages
Language English
Chapters 1. 'The Maddest Christmas That Ever I Saw'
2. The First Leveller, John Lilburne
3. London, The Great Leveller
4. Levelling by Print
5. Civil War
6. The War, the Church and the State
7. The Coming of the Levellers
8. Petitions and Prisons
9. Agitators
10. Putney Church and Corkbush Field
11. Counterrevolutions
12. Revolution
13. Defeat in Victory
14. Lieutenant Coloneyl John Rede's Last Stand
15. The Levellers and the English Revolution


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