David Sklansky

The Theory Of Poker

2007-05 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author David Sklansky
Publisher Two Plus Two Publishing LLC
Printed and Bound by Creel Printing Co.
Copyright Holder David Sklansky
About/Subject Poker
This Edition Published 2007-05
Copyright 1987
Copyright 1989
Copyright 1992
Copyright 1994
Copyright 1999
Identifying Codes
ISBN 1-880685-00-0
ISBN 13 978-1-880685-00-6
Format Paperback
Publication Location US
Page Count / Font 301 pages
Language English
Chapters About David Sklansky
Chapter One: Beyond Beginning Poker
Chapter Two: Expectation And Hourly Rate
Chapter Three: The Fundamental Theorem Of Poker
Chapter Four: The Ante Structure
Chapter Five: Pot Odds
Chapter Six: Effective Odds
Chapter Seven: Implied Odds And Reverse Implied Odds
Chapter Eight: The Value Of Deception
Chapter Nine: Win The Big Pot Right Away
Chapter Ten: The Free Card
Chapter Eleven: The Semi-Bluff
Chapter Twelve: Defense Against The Semi-Bluff
Chapter Thirteen: Raising
Chapter Fourteen: Check-Raising
Chapter Fifteen: Slowplaying
Chapter Sixteen: Loose And Tight Play
Chapter Seventeen: Position
Chapter Eighteen: Bluffing
Chapter Nineteen: Game Theory And Bluffing
Chapter Twenty: Inducing And Stopping Bluffs
Chapter Twenty-One: Heads-Up On The End
Chapter Twenty-Two: Reading Hands
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Psychology Of Poker
Chapter Twenty-Four: Analysis At The Table
Chapter Twenty-Five: Evaluating The Game
Appendix A: Rules Of Play
Appendix B: Glossary Of Poker Terms
Notes Fourth Edition
Ninth Printing - May 2007


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