Morrissey - Fandom, Representations and Identities


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Co-Editor Eoin Devereux
Co-Editor Aileen Dillane
Co-Editor Martin J. Power
Preface by Len Brown
Printed and Bound by Gutenberg Press, Malta*
Cover/Jacket Design by Joe Gervin
Copy Editor Rebecca Vaughan-Williams
Typeset by Mac Style, Beverley, E. Yorkshire*
Copyright Holder Intellect Ltd
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About/Subject Morrissey
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ISBN 978-1-84150-417-9
Barcode 9 781841 504179
Format Hardback
Publication Location Bristol / Chicago, IL
Page Count 342 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction: But Don't Forget the Songs that Made You Cry and the Songs that Saved Your Life... - Eoin Devereux, Aileen Dillane & Martin J. Power

Chapter 1: 'Suedehead': Paving the Pilgrimage Path to Morrissey's and Dean's Fairmount, Indiana - Erin Hazard

Chapter 2: "The Seaside Town that They Forgot to Bomb": Morrissey and Betjeman on Urban Regeneration and British Identity - Lawrence Foley

Chapter 3: In the Spirit of '69? Morrissey and the Skinhead Cult - John H. Baker

Chapter 4: Fanatics, Apostles and NMEs - Colin Snowsell

Chapter 5: The "Teenage Dad" and "Slum Mums" are Just "Certain People I Know": Counter Hegemonic Representations of the Working/Underclass in the Works of Morrissey - Martin J. Power

Chapter 6: In Our Different Ways We are the Same: Morrissey and Representations of Disability - Daniel Manco

Chapter 7: "My So Friendly Lens": Morrissey as Mediated through His Public Image - Melissa Connor

Chapter 8: "Because I've only got Two Hands": Western Art Undercurrents in the Poses and Gestures of Morrissey - Andrew Cope

Chapter 9: Moz: art: Adorno Meets Morrissey in the Cultural Divisions - Rachel M. Brett

Chapter 10: Speedway for Beginners: Morrissey, Martyrdom and Ambiguity - Eoin Devereux and Aileen Dillane

Chapter 11: No Love in Modern Life: Matters of Performance and Production in a Morrissey Song - Eirik Askerøi

Chapter 12: 'Vicar in a Tutu': Dialogism, Iconicity and the Carnivalesque in Morrissey - Pierpaolo Martino

Chapter 13: Smiths Night: A Dream World Created Through Other People's Music - Dan Jacobson and Ian Jeffrey

Chapter 14: Talent Borrows, Genius Steals: Morrissey and the Art of Appropriation - Lee Brooks

Chapter 15: 'I'm Not the Man You Think I Am': Morrissey Negotiation of Dominant Gender and Sexuality Codes - Elisabeth Woronzoff

Chapter 16: Melodramatic Morrissey: "Kill Uncle," Cavell and the Question of the Human Voice - Johanna Sjöstedt

Chapter 17: 'You Have Killed Me' - Tropes of Hyperbole and Sentimentality in Morrissey's Musical Expression - Stan Hawkins


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