Georges Simenon

The Little Doctor

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Georges Simenon
Translated by Jean Stewart
Publisher Hamish Hamilton
Copyright Holder Éditions Gallimard
Printed and Bound by Redwood Burn Limited
This Edition Published
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0 241 89989 3
Format Hardback
Publication Location United King
Page Count 328 pages
Language English
Original Language French
Original Title Le Petit Docteur
Chapters The Doctor's Hunch
The Girl in Pale Blue
A Woman Screamed
The Haunting of Monsieur Marbe
The Midwinter Marriage
The Corpse in the Kitchen Garden
The Dutchman's Luck
Popaul and his Negro
The Trail of the Red-Haired Man
The Disappearance of the Admiral
The Communication Cord
Arsenic Hall
Death in a Department Store


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