Donald M. Marquis

In Search Of Buddy Bolden First Man Of Jazz

1978 (Copyright)

Main Details
Author Donald M. Marquis
Publisher Louisiana State University Press
About/Subject Buddy Bolden
About/Subject Jazz
Designed by Albert Crochet
Typeset by The Composing Room of Michigan, Inc., Grand Rapids
Printed and Bound by Kingsport Press Inc.
Copyright 1978
First Printing 1978
Format Hardback
Publication Location United States of America
Page Count / Font 176 pages / VIP Times Roman
Language English
Chapters Preface
1. Exposing The Legend
2. Family History And City Neighborhoods
3. Schooling And Early Musical Influences
4. Forming The Early Bolden Band, 1895-1900
5. Places Bolden Played: The Rampart-Perdido Area, Parks And Dance Halls, 1900-1906
6. Bolden's Sidemen And Contemporaries
7. Personality And Family Life
8. How And What He Played
9. Demise As A Musician
10. Institutionalization And Death

Appendix 1: The Music And Musicians After Bolden Left
Appendix 2: The Family Up-to-Date


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