Edmund Crispin

Best SF Two

1960 (First Published)

Main Details
Editor Edmund Crispin
Introduction by Edmund Crispin
Writer C. M. Kornbluth
Writer Alfred Bester
Writer Brian W. Aldiss*
Writer Edgar Pangborn
Writer Frederic Brown*
Writer Isaac Asimov
Writer Gerald Kersh
Writer Theodore Sturgeon
Writer Ray Bradbury
Writer Clifford Simak*
Writer John Wyndham
Writer Robert Heinlein*
Writer Philip K. Dick
Writer Arthur C. Clarke
Publisher Series Faber Paper Covered Editions
Publisher Faber & Faber Ltd
Publisher Series Best SF
Printed by Cox & Wyman Ltd
First Published 1960
Identifying Codes
Price 6s. net
Format Paperback
Publication Location London
Page Count / Font 295 pages
Language English
Chapters 7, Editor's Note
9, Introduction
17, The Altar at Midnight, by C. M. Kornbluth
24, Hobson's Choice, by Alfred Bester
39, Outside, by Brian W. Aldiss
49, Angel's Egg, by Edgar Pangborn
87, Placet is a Crazy Place, by Frederic Brown
102, Little Lost Robot, by Isaac Asimov
129, The Copper Dahlia, by Gerald Kersh
140, When You're Smiling, by Theodore Sturgeon
168, Zero Hour, by Ray Bradbury
179, Worrywort, by Clifford Simak
195, Una, by John Wyndham
220, Blowups Happen, by Robert Heinlein
271, Imposter, by Philip K. Dick
287, The Nine Billion Names of God, by Arthur C. Clarke
295, Acknowledgments


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