Editors of Time-Life Books

The Book of Beginnings


Main Details
Author Editors of Time-Life Books
Series The Enchanted World
Publisher Time-Life Books
Copyright Holder Time-Life Books Inc.
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Silver Burdett Company
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0-8094-5265-0
Format Hardback
Publication Location Chicago, Illinois
Page Count 144 pages
Language English
Chapters Chapter One
Out of Chaos
The Water-Mother
A Terrestrial Paradise
First Fruits
Fall of the Sky Maiden
The Trembling Earth
Fiery Lairs of Gods and Monsters

Phaethon's Folly

Chapter Two
Celestial Lore
Cleaving the Day
The Twin Luminants
The Light-Eaters
The Fractured Moon
Lunar Denizens
Lindu's Astral Veil
Hieroglyphics of the Heavens

Dark Dramas of the Firmament

Chapter Three
The Dance of Life
The Primal Potter
A Tale of Many Tails
A Red Badge of Courage
A Feathered Heraldry
The Fox and the Fishes
A Muddy Metamorphosis
A Glorious Genesis
The Garden of the Gods
Bequest of a Golden Stranger

Noah's Miraculous Voyage
Notes First printing. Printed in U.S.A.
Published simultaneously in Canada.
School and library distribution by Silver Burdett Company.

The Library of Congress Cataloguing in Publication Data printed is actually for another book in the series, "Magical Justice".


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