Frankenstein, or the 8 Bit Prometheus

2018-04-06 (First Printing)

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Main Details
Writer Riccardo Balli
Illustrator Rudolfo
Publisher Chili Com Carne
Publisher Thisco
Publisher Series THISCOvery CCChannel
First Printing 2018-04-06
Format Trade Paperback
Publication Location Lisbon
Page Count / Font 140 pages
Language English
Notes micro-literature, hyper-mashup, Sonic Belligeranza records 17th anniversary

After having whistled quite a number of 8-bit versions of famous pop songs, and delighted his ears with chip-tune covers of black metal and classical music, Riccardo Balli thought it was about time to extend micro-music aesthetics to literature, and remix Mary Shelley's classic accordingly.

Through some sort of low-resolution séance, the author evoked the spirit of corpse reviver Giovanni Aldini (1762-1834), credited for having inspired The Modern Prometheus. Aldini tells a compressed version of the original Frankenstein, exposing its language to retro-gaming jargon and simplifying the plot as if it were an arcade game.

The aforementioned 18th-century electrifier was the nephew of eminent Bolognese scientist Luigi Galvani. Also from MIDIevil Bologna is DJ Balli's electronic music label Sonic Belligeranza, whose 17 years of existence (2000-2017) this volume celebrates with 17 texts that explore the multitude of contradictory sounds constituting the corpse of this Sonic Frankenstein.

Send him an impulse from your Game-Boy! BLEEEEEEEEEEEP!


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