Jon Regen

Electronic Musician (August 2017)

2017-08 (Cover Date)

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Main Details
Periodical Title Electronic Musician
Publisher NewBay Media, LLC
Copyright Holder NewBay Media
Editorial Director Michael Molenda
Editor in Chief Gino Robair
Managing Editor Barbara Schultz
Editor Jon Regen
Web Editor Markkus Rovito
Other Moderator: David Bryce*
Editor-At-Large Geary Yelton
Editor-At-Large Mike Levine
Editor-At-Large Francis Prève
Contributor David Battino
Contributor Michael Cooper
Contributor Marty Cutler
Contributor Jerry Kovarsky
Contributor Steve La Cerra
Contributor Rebeca Mauleón
Contributor Ken Micallef
Contributor Tony Ware
Founding Editor Craig Anderton
Art Director/Editor Damien Castaneda
Photography Staff Photographer: Paul Haggard*
Production Director/Manager Amy Santana
About/Subject Synthesizers
About/Subject Music Production
About/Subject Dan Auerbach
About/Subject Terry Riley
Cover Date 2017-08
Copyright 2017
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 33
Issue Number 8
ISBN 0884-4720
Format e-Zine
Genre Music
Page Count / Font 74 pages
Language English
Chapters Contents
20 // MIDI Wind Controllers
Just breathe... We look at three new wind-controlled products for electronic musicians, designed to provide greater expressivity in performance onstage or in the studio.
26 // Dan Auerbach
The Black Keys frontman reveals the process of creating his second solo album, Waiting on a Song, in his Easy Eye studio, with help from legendary singer/songwriter John Prine and other musical friends.
32 // Moog Indigo
We talk with Patricia Leroy about working with her father, Jean-Jacques Perrey, and how he created classic albums filled with imaginative, syncopated tape loops.

Keyboard Magazine
36 // Interview - Musician and Composer Terry Riley
42 // The Art Of Synth Soloing - Richard Wright’s Pink Floyd Parts Serve the Song
46 // Improve Your Two-Handed Polyrhythmic Playing
50 // Sound Design - Soloing for DJs

10 // Community
12 // New Gear - Products from Roland, Magix, UVI, and more!
16 // Mod Squad - Malekko Varigate 8+ and Voltage Block
74 // Five Questions - Marc Senasac, music engineering manager of Sony PlayStation

How To
20 // The Electronic Guitar - Filter vs. Wah
66 // Master Class - LennarDigital Sylenth1

Gear Reviews
52 // Roland Rd-2000
56 // KV331 Synthmaster One
58 // Eventide Fission
60 // Presonus Faderport 8
62 // IK Multimedia Modo Bass
64 // Sugar Bytes Unique
Notes Cover: The Wind Cries MIDI - New Products to Control Instruments with Your Breath


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