Wallace Wang

Visual Basic 6 For Dummies


Main Details
Author Wallace Wang
Publisher Wiley Publishing, Inc.
Copyright Holder Wiley Publishing, Inc.
Editor Brian Kramer
Editor Sherri Moringstar
Copy Editor Patricia Yuu Pan
Technical Editor Allen Wyatt
Editor Marita Ellixson
Editor Carmen Krikorian
Editor Leah P. Cameron
--- Heather Heath Dismore
Editorial Assistant Donna Love
--- Karen York
Layout Traci Ankrom
Layout Lou Boudreau
Layout Kelly Hardesty
Layout Angela F. Hunckler
Layout Jane E. Martin
Layout Brent Savage
Layout Michael A. Sullivan
Layout Dan Whetstine
--- Traci Ankrom
--- Lou Boudreau
--- Kelly Hardesty
--- Angela F. Hunckler
--- Jane E. Martin
--- Brent Savage
--- Michael A. Sullivan
--- Dan Whetstine
Proofreader Kelli Botta
Proofreader Michelle Croninger
Proofreader Rachel Garvey
Proofreader Sandra Wilson
Proofreader Janet M. Withers
--- Sherry Massey
Series For Dummies
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0-7645-0370-7
ISBN 13 9 780764 503702
EAN 5 52999
Barcode 7 85555 50370 0
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 98-87098
Format Paperback
Publication Location USA
Page Count 475 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction
Part I: Creating a Visual Basic 6 Program
Part II: Creating User Interfaces
Part III: Making Menus
Part IV: The Basics of Writing Code
Part V: Making Decisions (Something You Stop Doing When You Get Married)
Part VI: Getting Loopy
Part VII: Writing Subprograms (So You Don't Go Crazy All at Once)
Part VIII: Database Files and Printing
Part IX: The Part of Tens
Appendix A: About the CD
End-User License Agreement
Installation Instructions
Notes Includes a CD-ROM which contains software and sample projects.

"Published simultaneously in Canada"

Manufactured in the United States of America


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