Maximum Rocknroll #048

1987-05 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Maximum Rocknroll
Cover photo Murray Bowles
Staff Tim Yohannan
Staff Murray Bowles
Staff Martin Sprouse
Staff Ruth Schwartz
Staff Kent Jolly
Staff Brian Edge
Staff William Smith (2)
Staff Jane Guskin
Staff Ellen
Staff David Hayes
Staff Myra
Staff Jerry Booth
Staff Steve Spinali
Staff Rick Stott
Staff Lisa Allbright
Staff Victor H*
Staff Nicole
Staff Wendy (2)
Staff Kris (2)
Staff Sue
Contributing Artist John Yates
Contributing Writer Mykel Board
Contributing Writer Eugene Chadbourne
Contributing Writer Steven Wells
Contributing Writer Lawrence Livermore*
Contributing Writer Joe Britz
Contributing Writer Aaron Elliott*
Contributing Writer Jason XXX
Contributing Writer Ted Domurat
Contributing Writer Al Quint
Contributing Writer George*
Contributing Writer Mark Pingitore
Contributing Writer Bobo Rhetoric
Contributing Writer Mark Penman
Contributing Writer Digger
Contributing Writer Mikael Karlsson
Contributing Writer Peter Swedenhammar
Contributing Writer Stiv Valli*
Contributing Writer Gvido*
Contributing Writer Mark Robinson (2)
Contributing Writer Pennie Stasik
Contributing Writer Karl Etter
Interview by/Interviewer Trinity
Interview by/Interviewer Joel (2)
Interview by/Interviewer Stel
Interview by/Interviewer Billy Rubin
Review by Jeff Bale
Review by Dogtowne
Review by Rob Glaser
Review by Walter Glaser
Photography Murray Bowles
Contributing Photographer Jim Testa
Contributing Photographer Bri Hurley
Contributing Photographer Dave Run It
Contributing Photographer Dominic Episcopo
Contributing Photographer Mark Anthony
Contributing Photographer Veronique Durr
Contributing Photographer P. Francesca
Contributing Photographer Bill Case
Contributing Photographer Antonio
Contributor Joy Aoki
Contributor Marco's Mama
Contributor Girard Miltzine*
Contributor Michelle Cali
Contributor Mouse*
Interview with/Interviewee The Mr. T Experience
About/Subject Gore
About/Subject The Accüsed
About/Subject Unrest
Interview with/Interviewee Twisted
Interview with/Interviewee Desecration
About/Subject Sewer Trout
About/Subject Pollution Circus
About/Subject Wimpy Dicks
Interview with/Interviewee Shell Shock
Interview with/Interviewee Dawn Of Liberty
About/Subject Subvert
About/Subject Th'Inbred
Interview with/Interviewee Herd Of Lemmings
About/Subject Death Zone
About/Subject Opinion Zero
Interview with/Interviewee Insted
About/Subject K.G.B.
About/Subject Jesse Helms
Cover Date 1987-05
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 48
Format Magazine
Publication Location US
Page Count / Font
Language English
Notes Mr T Experience, Wimpy Dicks, Opinion Zero, KGB, Insted, Unrest, Desecration, Shell Shock, Gore, Subvert, Th’ Inbred, Accused, “Jesse Helms”, “H1 Work Permits”


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