Graham Greene

Travels with my Aunt

1969 (First Published)

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Main Details
Author Graham Greene
Publisher The Bodley Head Ltd
Imprint The Bodley Head
Cover Art by Stephen Russ
Author photo/portrait Karsh*
Copyright Holder Graham Greene
Printed and Bound by William Clowes & Sons Ltd*
First Published 1969
Copyright 1969
Identifying Codes
SBN 370 01422 7
Format Hardback
Publication Location Great Britain
Page Count / Font 319 pages / Monotype Ehrhardt
Language English
Notes © Graham Greene 1969
Printed and bound in Great Britain for
The Bodley Head Ltd 9 Bow Street, London, WC2
by William Clowes & Sons Ltd, Beccles
First published 1969

Jacket by Stephen Russ


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