Ryan Dailey

Dead Words, Deaf Ears

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Ryan Dailey
Editor Steven N. Marshall
Editor Samantha Marshall
Editor Kevin McClintock
Publisher SNM Novel Publications
Published with Assistance from Nicholas Grabowsky
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 151412646X
ISBN 13 978-1514126462
Format Trade Paperback
Page Count 144 pages
Language English
Original Language English
Notes Dawn breaks over the peaceful suburbia. Sunlight begins its ascent over the valley. The quiet empty solitude of the town is in sync with the stillness of the neighborhood pools and the quiet breath of the morning breeze. The camera pans from left to right, capturing the infrastructure of a cozy little town that once thrived with life. Thus far, no sounds are heard on the soundtrack. No rustling wind or rattling leaves. No dogs bark, no lawnmowers plow the yards. No vehicles passing with beeping horns, no sound of children playing in the yards. It’s the dawn of a new tomorrow. The camera reveals all in its seeing eye, but no one is there to witness the vision it has captured. Its light flashes red, or maybe no color at all, because no one is there to dispute it. It moves from left to right in autopilot mode. The battery power has outlasted its makers. There is no one behind the camera… The jaded audience has blind eyes and no attention span. And all we have to offer them is Dead Words for Deaf Ears.


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