Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

A Vampire Alone

2009/08/01 (This Edition Published)

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Main Details
Author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
Publisher Black Bed Sheet Books
Editor Nicholas Grabowsky
Cover Art by Nicholas Grabowsky
This Edition Published 2009/08/01
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0982253036
ISBN 13 978-0982253038
Format Paperback
Publication Location Antelope, California, USA
Page Count / Font 312 pages
Language English
Original Language English
Notes Ivana Morriander has lived life to its fullest. She has seen things and done things that most people could only imagine doing. To the unsuspecting person she is beautiful, smart and taking each day by the hand to enjoy all it has to offer. But in reality, she is miserable. "Life" for Ivana is an interesting oxymoron. being as she is not alive and hasn't been for a very long time. How does a woman who has everything. everything that most humans would give their souls for, cope with living forever while everything and everyone around her dies? Enter Ruben. a dashing and handsome man of secretive origins and brilliant mind. He and Ivana fancy each other and for a time she finds happiness. However, Ruben holds a secret, a secret family oath that he is bound to fulfill and Ivana is the very creature his family has been sworn to kill at all costs. Will Ruben let his love of the beautiful woman prevent him from honoring his duty or will his heart be broken carrying out a centuries old promise that he neither made, nor wishes to keep?


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