Louise Bohmer, Vickie Britton, John Everson

Fear - An Anthology of Horror and Suspense

2006/11/01 (First Published)

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Main Details
Publisher Whiskey Creek Press
Introduction by Nicholas Grabowsky
Author Louise Bohmer
Author Vickie Britton
Author John Everson
Author Loretta Jackson
Author Nancy Jackson
Author Giovanna Lagana
Author Linda Lattimer
Author Janet Mills
Author Susan M. Sailors
Author Richard A. Satterlie
Author Katherine Smith
First Published 2006/11/01
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 159374546X
ISBN 13 978-1593745462
Format Paperback
Publication Location Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Page Count / Font 168 pages
Language English
Notes We are afraid of our own mortalities. We re afraid, at one time or another, of just about everything. We re afraid of hurt. We re afraid Daddy won t ever return after he closes the bedroom door. We re afraid of the spider on the wall, of the bear outside our tent, of our next-door neighbor, of the consequences of arriving to work late, that nobody loves us, the bills won t get paid, of our reputation at school. We fear the outcome of our predicaments, the resurfacing of undesirable situations thought well laid to rest, and we fear those nonexistent imaginings which play on all our otherwise sober comprehensions of the way the world around us works, like the monster in the closet that s now hiding under the bed. We even fear ourselves. Fear. ---Nicholas Grabowsky, from his introduction


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