I. M. Levitt

Beyond The Known Universe


Main Details
Author I. M. Levitt
Cover/Jacket Design by Nancy Tausek
Cover Art by John Corsuch
Publisher The Viking Press
Copyright Holder (Text) I. M. Levitt
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) I. M. Levitt
Copyright Holder (Photos) I. M. Levitt
Publisher The Macmillan Company of Canada Ltd
Author photo/portrait J. J. Barton
First Published
Identifying Codes
SBN 640-16107-1
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 73-5232
Price $10.00
Format Hardback
Language English
Chapters Introduction, ix
1 Of Particles, Radiations, And The Universe, 3
2 Distances, Brightness, Energy -- The Keys To Knowledge, 16
3 Of Stars And Models, 27
4 The Evolution Of The Stars, 34
5 White Dwarfs, 45
6 Supernovae, 55
7 Neutron Stars, 67
8 Black Holes And White Holes, 79
9 Pulsars, 97
10 Quasars, 110
Epilogue, 124
Index, 127
Notes First published in 1974 by The Viking Press, Inc.
Published simultaneously in Canada by The Macmillan Company of Canada Limited
Text printed in U.S.A.
Photographs and drawings printed in Japan


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